My name is Hans Kristian. I like mountains.



The last couple of years I've competed in the World Skyrunning Series, but also done some other races and projects. I've got a passion for story telling; I podcast, write and take photos. This website is a hub for my online presence as well as a promo site for me as an elite athlete.

Hans Kristian Smedsrød og Hallvard Schjølberg
After the 2019 trail world championships with Hallvard Schjølberg

Agenda 2019

Date Event Category
Skyrunning World Championships 2018, Ben Nevis Ultra, Scotland

Races and projects CV

Date What Category
From the summit of Cerro Soray 5600m, Peru, February 2016. Pic: Edwin Espinoza Sotelo
La Jonction, Chamonix Mont-Blanc. Photo: @johannesr.


On a ridge at Salomon Glen Coe Skyline 2017
Chillin' on a glacier. Photo: @johannesr